Mary Austin is the Chef and Creator of Three Vegan Brothers Vegan Cheeze product. When her three sons simultaneously changed to a plant based diet, she was amazed at the results. She decided giving up eating flesh could not be that difficult, however giving up eating dairy based cheese would require a feat of extraordinary compassion, strength, determination and creativity.

The more she learned about plant based eating and the ill effects of dairy on the human body the more determined she became to create a plant based cheese that would if not mimic the taste of traditional dairy based cheese, it would surpass it. Mary Austin's passion and desire to create a healthy great tasting non dairy cheese had begun. She along with her sons who for many years found success as entrepreneurs began Three Brothers Vegan Cheeze.

Today we offer both spreadable plant based cheese as well as aged air dried plant based cheese. We pair those cheeze's with gluten free/grain free crackers. In addition Three Vegan Brothers also offers vegan sweet treats and desserts.